Simply The Best – Lindsey Vonn Victorious Once Again


Image Source : Telegraph Standard

A couple of weeks I turned on Eurosport and watched Minnesota born Lindsey Vonn wrap her fourth World Cup victory. I rarely watch ski events, but watching Lindsey compete has really made me take an interest in watching the sport.

The U.S. Olympic skier has been on fire after scoring a hat-trick of wins at Lake Louise. She gained her quadruple victory in Åre Sweden in the women’s giant salom.

Vonn was also eying a fifth overall crown and gave her cause another boost with a narrow victory — just 00.70secs faster than Eva-Maria Brem of Austria and 00.35secs ahead of third-placed Federica Brignone of Italy. (CNN, December 2015)

Lindsey mentioned that “I’m just trying to win. Every time I’m in the start I try to ski as fast as I can. I have nothing to lose and I think that makes me a dangerous competitor, because I’m not afraid of falling or losing.” (Yahoo, December, 2015)

Her thought process of skiing as fast as she can has definitely worked for her, however, last year she missed the Sochi Olympics due to having an array of knee injuries.

She admits that’s how she rolls by constantly pushing herself to the max, as mentioned previously, I’m really new to being a winter sports spectator and one thing that made Vonn stand out was obviously her amazing talent but also I like the risk taker in her, she’ll take a tumble down the slope but always comes out on top and her track record shows it.

I originally started to write this post about two weeks ago, since then, Swiss skier Lara Gut beat Lindsey by .01 seconds to win a thrilling World Cup super-combined race and deprive the 31 year old of her fifth consecutive win.

Lindsey led after the morning’s downhill section, with her Swiss rival Gut .38 behind in second place. But after Gut beat Michaela Kirchgasser’s leading mark to take the race lead, the pressure was on Vonn as CBC mentioned in one of their recent ski posts.

It was Gut’s second win of the season after winning a giant slalom last month in Aspen, Colorado, the 14th of her career and 22nd podium overall.

Hopefully 2016 will be another great year for Lindsey, I’ll leave you with some highlights from the 14/15 ski season.


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