The real heroes of the World Cup:The Fennec Foxes donate their winnings to Gaza children


Recently, it has been documented that Mesut Özil would be donating his World Cup winnings to children in Gaza, however, it turned out that many media sources had got their facts wrong and that the Arsenal player had actually donated over $400,000 to Brazilian children who are awaiting various surgical treatments. It was also reported that the Argentinian team donated over $100,000 to  a pediatric cancer unit at a Buenos Aires hospital.

Both Özil and the Argentinian national team obviously deserve a lot of respect for their charitable acts, however, the real heroes from this World Cup has to be Algeria. Not only did they show tenaciousness in the tournament, but the team have decided to donate their tournament winnings to children living in Gaza.

The Algerian Football Federation have not specifically stated which charity the winnings will be distributed to, however, in a recent meeting they mention the donation.

For a team made of up of players who do not earn astronomical wages, donating $100,000 (which might not sound a lot) is without a doubt admirable. Although the likes of Valencia‘s Sofiane Feghouli and Sporting Lisbon‘s Islam Slimani earn quite a significant wage, quite a few of the team play for teams in Algeria, Tunisia, and the French Second Division.

Islam Slimani recently mentioned that “they need it more than us” – the North African country has a strong relationship with Palestine, throughout the World Cup Algerian fans were seen flying Palestinian flags.

According to Syria 360° , 635 people have been killed and 3,650 wounded in Gaza since Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu sent troops into Gaza and has orchestrated brutal air strikes on innocent Palestinian people.

Save the Children have reported that since the conflict has started, almost a third of those injured are children. Less than a quarter of all casualties are thought to be Hamas Militants.

For Palestinian children who are at least six years old, they are now experiencing their third conflict (2009, 2012, and 2014).


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