Masahiro Tanaka shines against the Cubs


For my first ever post I thought I would start off with a sport related topic, I have always liked baseball, however, I have only recently started to get back into the MLB.

One signing that I kept on reading about was about Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. The twenty-five year old right handed pitcher signed for the New York Yankees for approximately $155 million (about £92 million) on a seven year deal.

Tanaka left native club Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles   in December last year, the Golden Eagles had a spectacular season and won all twenty four games and won their first ever Japanese series.

The Japanese pitcher has had a great start in the famous Yankees jersey, last Wednesday against the Chicago Cubs  Tanaka allowed no runs and struck out ten,  (The Yankees won 3-0 on the day) the stats also revealed that so far he has had twenty eight strikeouts from twenty two innings, no other Yankees pitcher has ever achieved this in the first three games of the season.

The Chicago side really struggled against Tanaka, they only managed to get to second base on two occasions. Puerto Rican Carlos Beltrán scored a home run in the first inning (that’s now his fourth this year!) 

Three innings later the Yankees extended their lead, with all bases loaded Brian McCann able to slip past Cubs’ John Baker to make it 2-0.

An inning later the New Yorkers made it 3-0, Brett Gardner sprinted home to treble their lead.

It was great victory for the Yankees who also beat the Chicago team 2-0 in a double-headed game.

Tanaka might be adjusting to American culture and the language, however, one thing that ‘has not been lost in translation’ as ESPN put it, is his world class pitching ability. To be fair he has only played three games for the Yankees and obviously only time will tell if he will become a success story in Major League Baseball. Probably one of the most successful players to come from the Land of the Rising Sun has to be Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki, who previously won rookie of the year and got his 4,000 hit in August 2014.

Going back to Tanaka, his $155 million price tag and also the $20 million posting fee that was paid to Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles the Yankees are obviously expecting the twenty five year old to get more strike outs under his belt.



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